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Why is the Rafah crossing important?

Why is the Rafah crossing important?


 The threat of the occupying regime to attack Rafah by land has had many reactions in the region and the world, and international organizations and different countries have warned about its dire consequences and called for immediate action to deal with it.

The Gaza Strip is connected to Egypt through the two Rafah crossings and the Salahuddin Gate, none of these crossings are officially under the control of the Zionist regime, but the Zionists have always tried to control it directly and indirectly and exerted pressure in this regard. 

– The Rafah crossing is considered a vital gateway for the transfer of goods and the movement of people, and Palestinians who intend to leave Gaza must pass through this crossing.

– The Rafah crossing is the gateway for goods and humanitarian aid, including food and raw materials, medicine and medical equipment, etc. to the Gaza Strip.

– Despite the opposition of the Zionist regime, sometimes Egypt allows the export of Palestinian agricultural products to Egypt through the Rafah crossing.

– The Rafah crossing helps to activate commercial affairs between Gaza and Egypt at the level of import and export of goods.

In the event of a military attack by the occupying army on Rafah, in the shadow of the terrible humanitarian crisis that exists in this region and the whole of Gaza, a bloodbath will begin in Rafah, and in addition to endangering the national security of Egypt, this action will lead to the spread of the war in the form of It will be disastrous in the whole region.

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